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WhyHenk is proud to announce the birth of a new concept named Capio. As a fact the focus of WhyHenk has been on this project only for quite some time. For competitive-sensitive reasons this project information has not gone public before. As the project has reached a stage where  WhyHenk and business partner Loermans Business Improvements are focussing on putting the last financing pieces together.

All information will simultaneously be revealed on the WhyHenk concepts section on this website. As it is a global project all information will be in English.

Capio is Latin for “I understand”. We all want to feel comfortable when travelling or doing international business. Capio live interpreters will give you this comfort by being able to understand the person you are talking to. You as an investor and innovative user can contribute to improve human interaction by helping us to make this platform grow.

Capio provides you with 24/7 support of live interpreters, fast, simple, worldwide and at a reasonable price. This real time application enables you to select the available interpreter of your choice based on language, experience, specialism and user ratings.